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Maintenance forum posts ONLY (READ THIS)

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  • Maintenance forum posts ONLY (READ THIS)

    There have been an increasing number of posts in the maintenance forum asking "what is this problem", "what's wrong with my car", or "My CEL is on, what does that mean?".

    I've been moving them to the TROUBLESHOOTING forum as needed, but they are getting out of hand. It is turning in to TWO troubleshooting forums.

    To be clear:
    TROUBLESHOOTING: a place for posts when you are experiencing a problem and DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS FROM, or what it is related to.
    If you know that your battery is bad, you wouldn't post in here to ask about how to replace it. You would post in here to ask how to FIGURE OUT that your battery is bad.

    MAINTENANCE: a place for posts when you KNOW YOUR PROBLEM and want guidance on how to remove said problem part, or specific instruction on torquing, procedure, part numbers, etc. To post in here you should either be doing ROUTINE MAINTENANCE, or know what your problem is coming FROM. If you are unsure of why your car is acting up, your posts do not belong in here!

    Read it; heed it; do it.
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