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fuel injector converters, anybody use them?

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  • fuel injector converters, anybody use them?

    So I got my 19lb injectors the other day, but until I can tune those are out of the question. I picked up 3 used 17lb injectors, just to find out that they also have the EV6 USCAR connectors as well. My car uses the beige "pencil" injectors with the EV1 connectors, not the fat injectors. I have found on ebay some adapters to connect EV1 harnesses to EV6 injectors, there are 2 types, one is a single piece plug on both ends adapter, and one is two plugs wired together. Anybody with experience in the fuel injector area of the car who can tell me if I can get away with the straight adapter in terms of clearance, or do I need the wired ones? It looks like a tight fit between the injector and connector/rail/manifold area, but that is just by peeking in where I can. Any help is appreciated...
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    The only ones that may work are ones where the two connectors are connected by a wire, the straight but connector ones will not clear in a million years. However installing the manifold would be nightmare if it did work. You're better off either getting a whole injector harness from an ev6, then cutting your old harness off and soldering on the new harness so the soldered connections are out from under the intake manifold.
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