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  • Turbo/Supercharger Registry

    Lets start a registry here.

    -What car its on
    -What "Kit" you have
    -How many miles on "kit"
    -Intercooled or not
    -Alchohol injection
    -What B.O.V
    -What wastegate
    -How much boost do you run

    -2000 3l csvt-3l aluminum uim,svt lim,svt cams,no imrc,80mm lightning maf,40lb/min Terminator Injectors,Mustang 75mm tb,full custom 3" exhaust,and all the bolt on's.
    -hybrid "kit" started as a adc turbo kit then the turbo was upgraded to the garrett gt3076r, all the piping was custom made and a fmic added.
    -I wouldnt have a clue how many miles are on this turbo
    -NPG Stage 3 fmic
    -Yes it has Alchohol but I am not currectly using it.
    -Tial 50mm anodized blue B.O.V w/9lb spring inside
    -Tial 38mm wastegate
    -2 stage boost controller 8psi/14psi
    -Hp was at 322.9 and tq at 350.9 with 5pound spring in wastgate and only at 8psi boostrfl bov with SCT PRP
    -hmmmmm impressions that sums it up
    Ryan-AKA:d-bag ~1998 BLACK SVT #3722SOLD on 2-13-09
    2000 SILVER SVT #1126 3L TURBO 322.9whp 350.9tq@8psi boost-PASSTIME CSVT-SOLD ON 7-22-09

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    -1999 Mercury Cougar with ported 3L (SVT intakes, SVT cams, and most bolt-ons)
    -3L Duratec kit I developed running a Vortech V9 supercharger. I've upgraded my specific kit with a smaller supercharger pulley: 2.63".
    -I've put about 3k miles on the kit
    -Megan Racing intercooler 21" x 11.75" x 3"
    -Apexi Dual Chamber BOV
    -Boost ~9psi
    -325hp 278tq tuned with SCT Pro Racer Package
    -Supercharger is LOUD! The kit makes insane power up top.

    Click my sig for more about my car and pictures.
    Visit: for a prepped 3L ready to drop in!


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      - 99 Contour SeVT w/Ported 3L, SVT cams and intake (w/secondaries), msds headers
      -NPG Stage 3 Kit
      -Front Mount Intercooler
      -Turbo XS TypeH-RFL
      -knockoff Tial wastegate, 8 psi spring with mbc (now)
      - up to 13 psi with mbc (leaving at 8 most of the time)
      -286/272 @ 10 psi on mustang dyno (need to re-dyno)
      -42# injectors, walbro 255 l/hr fuel pump, 80mm lightening maf
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      - 12 Focus SE
      - 99 Contour SeVT <- 3L/NPG Turbo
      - 2k Contour SVT - #2137


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        99 SVT, 05 Escape 3L
        Custom Kit (Warmonger)
        35 or 40K miles on this kit since I've had it.
        Air to water intercooled
        RFL BOV
        vent to Atmosphere
        Daily driven at 14PSI, though 10psi was more than enough!
        401whp, 379wtq @ 14.5psi
        Impressions? Ha.. come get some.
        .99 Silverfrost
        Call me for free, if you need any help or anything.


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          -2000 CSVT Tropic Green
          -NPG Stage 1 Kit
          -I think like 3-4K
          -No Alcohol
          -Turbo XS BOV
          -Turbo XS 38mm
          -It will put a smile on anybody's face....:D

          I just got this car 4 days ago and I'm pretty new to the turbo world...but what kind of fuel pressure are you guys running? My gauge is at about 25psi and I read somewhere that it normally is around 35??? Did I read it wrong? Or is it fine where its at?
          1998 T-Red SVT 115,000 miles (Died 9/01/08)
          2000 Tropic Green SVT #396 - 04 3L, HMS Trans, Wilwood BBK, FSVT Rear BBK, Koni/H&R...NPG Turbo Kit (JUNK)


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            -1998 SVT Contour full 3L
            -ait to water
            -vortech bypass valve
            -alledged mid 200
            -i don't know, like every vortech, broken.
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            formerly known as SVT Driver627

            00 Green CSVT - sold 2/17/06
            98 3L CSVT #574 Silfro - Sold
            98 SE 2.5 MTX - Totaled
            97 Ranger lay'd out

            03 ? vroom-pshh

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              -'98 svt w/ WR headers
              -stage I NPG
              -7,500-8,000 miles
              -Intercooled (std size)
              -Turbo XS BOV (recirculated)
              -38mm external wastegate
              -7.25 psi or 0.5 BAR
              -never dyno on NPG's tune, but, should be identicle to others (275hp +/-)
              -too much or not enough power; right now its not enough. makes the car twice as much fun to drive though.
              SVT NPG power!
              "If In Doubt, Flat Out" - Colin McRae


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                I have had 3 fairly distinct setups so I will list separately. New to old.



                2000 CSVT 48,xxx miles on chassis - 05 Sable 3L 15,xxx
                Hog-ported heads using all SVT intakes and cams. 80mm Lightning MAF, 39# Cobra Injectors, Focus SVT Fuel Pump.
                Custom 3" SS Exhaust with Magnaflow resonator and Magnaflow muffler.
                Hybrid "kit" began as ADC T-28 kit. Upgraded Garrett gt3076r turbo, NPG Upgraded FMIC kit, 'tweaked' to work with ADC pipes.
                No miles on this setup yet.
                No Alky injection.....yet.
                HKS SSQV BOV
                TiAL 38mm Wastegate with 5psi spring.
                Plan to run 7-8psi daily. 10-13psi for fun.
                No dyno #'s but I anticipate to be near Stazi's setup from SZ 07. EST. 310whp, 330tq.
                I will let you know when I drive it with new IC setup. I have high hopes.

                2000 CSVT 42,xxx miles on chassis - 04 Sable 3L 7,xxx
                Ported heads using all SVT intakes and cams. 80mm Lightning MAF, 39# Cobra Injectors, Focus SVT Fuel Pump.
                Custom 3" SS Exhaust with Magnaflow resonator and Magnaflow muffler.
                Hybrid "kit" began as ADC T-28. Upgraded Garrett gt3076r turbo, 'Small' ADC Water-to-Air Intercooler.
                Approx. 6,000 miles on the upgraded turbo before hydrolocking the motor.
                HKS SSQV BOV
                TiAL 38mm Wastegate with 5psi spring.
                Ran 7-8psi daily. A couple 10psi runs. Dropped it down to 5psi after hydrolock.
                Dyno 273hp 282tq @ 8-9psi. TQ fell flat on its face around 3600 rpm.
                Car was STRONG even at 5psi, 7-8psi would roast tires until the small intercooler became a major bottle-neck. It was good pretty much until the secondaries opened up and the motor really needed to breath. Intake air temps were too high for the boost being run and way too high on the 10psi runs. It was madness even with the miniscule ADC water-to-air intercooler. Major storm, no visibility, huge puddle across road, hydrolocked. Never ran smooth after that. Finally died 4 months after incident.

                2000 CSVT 36,xxx miles on chassis, stock 2.5L
                StockMAF, 24# Injectors, Focus SVT Fuel Pump.
                Custom 3" SS Exhaust with Magnaflow muffler.
                ADC T-28 kit. Garrett gt28r turbo, 'Small' ADC Water-to-Air Intercooler.
                Approx. 6,000 miles on this setup before I blew the motor.
                Turbo XS RFL BOV and Turbo XS Type-S BOV
                TiAL 38mm Wastegate with 5psi spring.
                Ran 5-8psi.
                Never dyno'd this setup.
                It was a riot to drive coming from a stock 2.5L with no major power adders. It never really threw you back but it just pulled so strong damn near to redline. I had the most fun with it from 40-80mph. The boost was instant and the speedo just rolled so nicely to the right.
                00 SF/MB CSVT #1464 - 2005 port-matched 3L - SOLD
                00 SF/MB CSVT #0939 - 2005 - GT3076R - 3.0T- SOLD
                Repairs / Installs? Yep, I do that.


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                  - 3L 98.5 csvt
                  - natilus performance group stage 2
                  - 4000miles on kit
                  - Intercooled
                  - no alcohol
                  - turbo XS BOV
                  - turbo XS 38mm wastegate with ~8lbs spring
                  - 10psi
                  - ~330whp
                  - words couldn't possibly begin to explain the feeling...
                  98.5 csvt #6226 of 6535
                  Rally Inspired 3L turbo'd monsTOUR
                  Modifications??? well...lets just say this ain'tcha grandma's contour :D


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                    2000 2.5 SVT
                    Nautillus Performance Stage 1 kit
                    MSDS headers/Bassani cat-back exhaust
                    stock MAF/24#injectors
                    NPG Stage 1 FMIC
                    No alcohol
                    Samco 38mm wastegate (recirculated)
                    Samco BOV w/ strongest spring (recirculated)
                    8/10 psi w/ manual boost controller
                    600 miles
                    Est. 255-280 whp (dyno when it's tuned just right)

                    It makes me smile!
                    -2000 SVT-Silver Frost/Midnight Blue
                    #1,382 of 2,150 born- 1/7/2000
                    *NPG Stage 1 Turbo kit # 7 @ 8/10 psi (Sold 3/30/09)
                    -2001 White Saleen S281 SC #720
                    -2000 BMW 323 Ci


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                      1999 SeVt ported 3L svt cams and intake and msds headers.
                      homemade remote mounted turbo
                      1k on the kit
                      non intercooled
                      tail 50mm bov
                      internal wastegate 3-5psi
                      no dyno numbers yet.
                      42 pound injectors, 255gal/hr fuel pump
                      civic si don't have a chance. The car pulls hard for a remote mount turbo no lag.
                      1999 Toreador red Sevt ported 3L remote mounted turbo msds headers eibach springs. sold

                      98 contour zetec
                      foxbody mustang 5.0l


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                        Originally posted by ryanblacksvt View Post
                        Lets start a registry here.

                        -What car its on
                        -What "Kit" you have
                        -How many miles on "kit"
                        -Intercooled or not
                        -Alchohol injection
                        -What B.O.V
                        -What wastegate
                        -How much boost do you run
                        1996 Ford Contour SE (Since been sold and crushed)
                        Splitport 3.0L longblock, 8.5:1 Ross pistons
                        T3/T4 (.63/.82 IIRC) ADC Kit
                        10K miles on kit when I had it
                        700 CFM Water/Air intercooler
                        Turbo XS BOV
                        TIAL 38mm wastegate
                        16 psi towards the end of the cars life
                        364 whp/410 wtq
                        Hauled ass. Ran great with the pedal to the floor. Couldn't hold an idle worth :censored::censored::censored::censored:.
                        Jim Hahn
                        1999 Tropic Green SVT Contour
                        1996 T-Red Contour SE Reborn 4/6/04 Sold
                        3.0L swap and Arizona Dyno Chip Turbo Kit
                        364 whp, 410 wtq @ 4,700 rpm


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                          -What car its on? 1998.5 Contour SVT
                          -What "Kit" you have? Vortech Supercharger (last revised jackshaft before coupler system)
                          -How many miles on "kit"? Around 7000kms (~4300 miles)
                          -Intercooled or not? Yes, Buckshot air/water intercooler
                          -Alchohol injection? No
                          -What B.O.V? Buckshot BPV, but will probably go to a Turbosmart
                          -What wastegate? None, supercharged
                          -How much boost do you run? shows 9.5psig after intercooler was installed
                          -Hp? Approximately 275whp
                          -Impressions? Love the mid to top end pull, but wish it had another 100hp to keep up with my big turbo SRT4. :)

                          Christopher A. Wong
                          CTA MOTORSPORTS
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                            98 E0 T-red SVT
                            NEW 30
                            Vortech w/latest pin-drive as of 12/09
                            Sniper Tune 300/300 at the wheels - Mustang Dyno

                            As of 9/3/2012 15000 on engine

                            Vortech had to be upgraded to 3rd gen coupling... $2100... ouch!
                            2.5 Bit the dust and now running an 04 Taurus 3L with 19K and 7psi of boost on it.
                            Added Air to Water IC and raised the boost to 9 PSI
                            Sniper Chip - custom Tune
                            STOCK EXHAUST...LOL.


                            Runs great, the tune and right injectors did it. Runs 13.6-13.8 consistently. Trap speed Wheel hop.
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                              Don't remember all the stuff...someone still has it.
                              It did 336 to the wheels on 10lbs, motor built for closer to 20lbs (with the .63 A/R turbine...then switched to the .82, but never was able to get it dyno'd again)
                              The dyno I had it on showed 13:1 ish A/F, so I never went higher.

                              I heard a rumor later that that wideband didn't work correctly.

                              Who knows shouldn't have run lean, had 42lb injectors with a 255high pressure pump...based on that wideband though, I couldn't get it any richer!!!

                              Oh well. It was pretty fast rolling, sucked from a dig.
                              98 SVT # 692 05/02/97 3L turbo....SOLD!!!
                              DD: 2005 Honda Civic 39.7mpg (best so far)
                              Wife's car: E53 X5
                              garage: E39 M5