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  • CD4E Rebuild

    I am about to commence the rebuilding of the CD4E transmission for my 1996 2.0L ‘Tour (I have obtained a used case), however, I have few concerns the nature of which are as follows.
    The very first item to be installed in the rebuild is the Low/Reverse Piston which the rebuild manual (Ford CD4E Rebuild Procedures by Cliff McCormack) recommends needs “Seal Protectors” for safe installation. However, I do not have access to these tools & cannot justify spending $110.00 ( p:// ) to purchase them. Therefore I am using this medium to ascertain whether anyone has done this rebuild & if so what method was used to install the Low/Reverse Piston.
    Secondly I intend to install a TransGo SK CD4E-Jr Shift Kit; however, I am not sure on how to approach the drilling of the holes in the Accumulator & Main Valve Body Plates. I am sure that these holes must be accurately drilled, however, while the instructions in the kit shows where the holes are to be drilled they do not give any measurements to ensure accuracy. Consequently, I am also seeking assistance on how to proceed with drilling the one hole in the Accumulator Plate and the three in the Main Valve Body in order to have them accurately done & not destroy the valve body. (I wish TransGo had included a template that could be used to do this).
    The usual comments/suggestions & assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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    btrautman has a good write up with pictures in the old forums.


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      Unisys12 also made extensive posts on the old forums about this transmission including detailed information about parts sources parts updates.

      I've never seen a trans tech use those seal protectors, but they are highly experienced. They are very careful and lubricate the seals and the bore liberally. Many trans techs use a red lubricant specifically intended for trans assembly that is about the consistency of vasoline.
      Jim Johnson
      98 SVT
      03 Escape Limited
      10 Fusion Sport


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        CD4E Rebuild

        Big Jim & Tony2005. Thanks for the info. it's greatly appreciated