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Plasma TV Question - Jerky Motion

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  • Plasma TV Question - Jerky Motion

    I just purchased a 42" Vizio plasma. I'm using an HDMI connection from my HD cable box. The picture quality is fantastic, but I've noticed that any type of slow camera movement (pans, zooms, etc) are extremely jerky. The issue is even more noticeable when watching a ticker tape or bottom line, as the scrolling text is ridiculously jittery. It looks like it's going to bounce off the screen! There's no blur...just a ton of vibration.

    So, is this occurrence being caused by:

    1. The nature of plasmas in general?
    2. The nature of this particular model?
    3. A bad TV, which needs to be returned?
    4. The HDMI connection? Should I try component?

    I'd really hate to return this TV because, like I said, the picture is great. But I just can't stand this much jerkiness...
    Chris G.

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    I'd start with the connection... try component. My dad got a plasma, and hooked it up to HDMI for digital cable... the picture kept cutting in and out. After a couple days it stopped and never did it again.

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      Originally posted by Matt R View Post
      I'd start with the connection
      word i'd try something different to see if anything changes

      my plasma never does anything like that but im using component
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        I thought this post was going to be about pr0n on a big screen.
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          is it like framerate lag? My 42" sanyo plasma does this sometimes while playing 360, I turn the tv off and turn it back on and all is good, It doesn't happen often, though
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            It should not be the is a higher quality standard than component.

            However, do try another connection type just to see if it improves. Also look into the various settings on both your cable box and within the TV itself.

            I have a VIZIO LCD and was able to get a much nicer picture and smoother movement after adjusting various settings.

            If you still have issues post the specific model tv and cable box you are using and I might be able to help further.

            If component fixes the issue I would NOT be satisfied with that, you should be able to take full advantage of HDMI.
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              Is this a problem on HD signals or SD signals? I'd try the different cables (component) to rule that out.

              It isn't an inherent problem with plasma TVs though, FWIW
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                What resolution are you watching in? I used to notice that sometimes on our tv on 1080i so I took that off. 720p is much better. The only thing that makes me think this isn't the problem is that you said its for slow moving things, whereas this i vs p deal is usually more noticeable for fast changes.
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                  It could also be a non HD channel coming from the HD box. On my LCD tv when I watch the HD channels they are crystal clear but some of the regular channels look awful and blurry.
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                    Turned out to be the HDMI. Plugged in component cables and bam, problem gone.

                    FWIW, the problem was happening on both SD and HD channels.
                    Chris G.

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