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Very impressed with Paintless Dent Removal

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  • Very impressed with Paintless Dent Removal

    Those of you at Spring Zing may have noticed that the "Beast" had damage to the right front fender from hitting a deer. Amazingly the only damage was from the deer kicking the fender as it ricocheted off the windshield. I took it to a local guy who does this kind of repair and for $85 did an amazing job.

    ​Here it is before, notice the lip of the fender, up to the painted on stripe, had a dent.


    After he finished ( took about an hour )
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    We get vicious hail storms more than occasionally here in Colorado Springs, and I've used PDR a couple of times to get 50 or 100 hail dents out of several of my cars. I've always been amazed at the results. After a major hail storm, the auto dealerships will cue hundreds and hundreds of cars for PDR and you can't book a private job in any of the PDR shops until they work through the dealership car backlog.
    When I first moved here in 1992, my 89 Taurus SHO got about 150 dents on the hood, roof and trunk from a hail storm that dropped golf balls on the Ford parking lot for 20 minutes. Conventional body shop quotes were $2,500 for fill and re-paint, and I was looking at months to get into a shop for a week long job. Insurance gave me $2,000. ($500 deductible) I went to a PDR shop, car was perfect in one day, out the door for $400, I bought some nice wheels and tires with the $1600 left over.
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      That turned out fantastic. Cool to see how well they can work that metal back.
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