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    So... I have 2 1995 Contour SE's. They are both in excellent shape, both with about 130k miles. Love these cars, and would like to keep them for as long as they hold up. Both of them have Traction Control and ABS. With both cars, the traction control and ABS lights are on (solid). My mechanic believes this is caused by the part of the wire harness that goes down to the ABS sensor, then on to the speed sensor. I have replaced the main harness's with units that came from SVTTOUR, and have checked with him about these harnesses. He has politely replied that he does not have any in his stockpile of parts and no longer rebuilds them, citing unavailable parts. Does anyone else happen to have these admittedly rare parts or have a line the connectors (assume the actual wires are not all that difficult to get). I would think I have the skills to rebuild these if I'm able to get the parts. Alternatively, does anyone have any experience to say that the connectors are not always that bad, and it is more a question of degraded wires. Any thoughts/comments appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I've been contacting and they claim a 90% success rate on the Contours they have dealt with. They try to restore the original connectors with chemistry and a stockpile of old connectors. They say their turnaround time is about a month, so maybe do one at a time. That's what I'm planning to do when my SVT is de-rusted. My '96 Mystique's harness looks like it could go at any time, and it's now the daily driver while I try to deal with everything rusted around the rear subframe. They wanted around $1k to do the full wire harness, so a sub-harness should be proportionately smaller in cost. They will let you send any junkyard harnesses you have to salvage connectors too,
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      Interesting -- and much appreciated



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        I did my 97 sports harness myself, took about a month of working on it after school but I did it, mind you I don't have ABS on my sport but I recommend buying various gauge wire, nashua 500F tape, 3-1 adhesive heat shrink and a good soldering iron. everything probably cost me 100-200$ to do it myself and I've had really no issue with it since. I do recommend marking busted or weak connectors that you can replace. Oh one more thing, electrical tape at harbor freight is around $5 for 10 rolls, and your going to want to also buy some wire loom. That is if you want to do it yourself.
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