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    '98 E0 Contour SVT
    '97 Mercury GrandMarquis aka Grandma Maud

    '99 Contour SVT....t boned by a little old lady. Dead
    '91 LX 5.0 5spd....mid to high 13 sec. car w/bolt ons and street tires. Sold
    '90 LX 5.0 AOD....taken apart to be built. Sold
    '90 Accord....unstoppable $600 car. Sold
    '03 SVT Lightning....pure gangster. Wrecked
    '96 Explorer XLT....traded in on Lightning
    '98 Contour SE Sport....started it all. Traded for Lightning
    '98 CSVT


    • Originally posted by blu_fuz
      1995 Contour SE (built 3L, current)
      1993 BMW 740IL (sold)
      1995 Saturn SW2 (sold)
      1997 Dodge Ram SST (sold)
      1995 Mystique (sold) Horicon
      1998 Mystique (fixed and sold) Waupun
      1992 Escort Wagon (sold)
      2004 Impala LS (sold)
      2003 Impala base (sold)
      2006 Roketta Catalina 150cc moped (blew the trans, sold)
      1994 Saturn SL1 (sold)
      2000 Dodge Stratus (blown motor, 1/2 parted, sold)
      1995 Contour GL (trailer )
      2000 T-red/tan SVT (rolled, parted) Minnesota
      1999 T-red/tan SVT (bad trans, sold) Mayville
      1999 T-red/tan SVT (fixed, built 3L, and sold) Sheboygan
      2000 Black/tan SVT (fixed and sold) Indiana
      1999 Black/tan SVT (bashed, blown motor, parted) Milwaukee
      1998 Silver/blue SVT (salvage title, blown motor, parted) Iowa
      1998 Silver/blue SVT (rust ridden, bad trans, parted) Minnesota
      1999 Silver/blue SVT (blown motor, sold) Rockford
      1998 Black/blue SVT (blown motor, 1/2 parted already, parted the rest) Appleton
      1998 Black/blue SVT (bad trans, sold) Chicago
      1998 Silver/blue SVT (alternator, idler pully, fixed and sold) Chicago
      2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GT SC (sold)
      2004 Chevy Silverado (sold)
      2000 Contour SE (fixed intake leak, sold to sister) Waupun
      1998 T-red/blue SVT (broken shift tower, sold) Menasha
      1999 Contour SE Sport (no issues w/ only 76K miles, sold) Chicago
      2007 Chevy Avalanche LTZ 6L (current)
      2009 Ford Flex Limited (current)
      2000 T-green/tan SVT (blown diff, fixed and sold) Sheboygan
      1998 T-red/blue SVT (front end pushed in, collected parts to repair, and sold) Milwaukee
      1998 Silver/blue SVT (blown motor, no title, parted) Janesville
      1998 Black/blue SVT (blown motor, rusty/scratched/abused, parted) Weyauwega
      1998 Silver/blue SVT (rusty but trusty! cleaned interior, sold as is) Hartford
      2003 Ford Escape 3L 2WD (starting issue, maybe blown motor, filthy inside, sold) Madison
      1998 Mystique (was rear ended, straightened a bit, gave to brother) Milwaukee
      1998 Black/blue SVT (bad fuel pump. fixed and sold) Menomonee Falls
      1998 Silver/blue SVT (bought from friend to re-sell, sold) Fox Lake
      1998 Silver/blue SVT build number 29! (faulty oil pressure sensor, getting rusty, de-modded, sold) West Bend
      A few more:

      2007 Chevy Avalanche LTZ (2 stuck lifters, body damage, fixed motor and sold)
      2003 Ford Escape 3L AWD/4x4 (current winter beater)
      1999 Silver/blue SVT (blown motor, very rusty, sold for parts, parted) Kewaskum *Mikey Boy's old ride*
      1998.5 Black/blue "Roush" SVT 3L w/built trans (top end was missing, de-modded, re-assembled top end, sold) Reeseville
      2007 Chevy Avalanche LTZ (stuck lifter, going to fix motor and get sold)
      30 Contour / Mystiques and counting......


      • Current :

        2018 Ford F150 xlt 5.0. ( Bought brand new )

        2016 Ford Explorer xlt ( Bought brand new )

        2000 Ford Contour SE sport with mods and svt body kit ( Bought brand new )

        1991 Ford Mustang 5.0. hatch

        Past newest to oldest :

        2014 Ford F150 Lariat ecoboost

        2008 Ford Explorer eddie bauer

        2011 Lincoln MKX

        2008 Lincoln MKZ

        2006 Ford Explorer limited

        1998 Mercury Sable GS ( winter beater )

        2003 Ford Explorer eddie bauer

        94 saturn SC2 (winter beater )

        1999 Ford Explorer xlt
        2000 se sport SEVT V6
        1991 mustang gt 5.0. mods
        2018 F150 XLT 5.0. Ruby red metallic
        2016 Explorer XLT 202A, Dual panel roof, Tow, Nav, Heated wheel, etc.


        • 96 Contour SE MTX - rode hard and put away wet, gave to dad who drove it until near death
          99 Contour SVT - 3L Hybrid, just got forged pistons/rods and motor rebuilt, finally back on the road!
          06 Volvo V50 T5 AWD 6spd wagon - current daily when weather isn't good enough for SVT
          99 Black SVT -3L Hybrid, Spec flywheel, MSDS, CAI, 17" Konig Tantrums, Optimized TB & Y, Baer BBK, Bassani cat-back w/ magnaflow res, Koni's w/ H&R

          '06 Volvo V50 T5 AWD MTX- Stock


          • The cars I personally bight to drive, i.e. not what the wife drove:
            05 Volvo S40 T5 AWD 6spd sedan
            07 Mazdaspeed 3 6spd
            15 Chevy SS 6.2l LS3 with ATX
            Did I mention I have a Chevy SS?
            2015 Chevy SS Sedan (6.3L LS3, M6 ATX)
            "...until the next Ford Performance Sedan"


            • I am part of the 'short-list' crowd for sure!

              86 SVO Mustang; Black (27 years and counting with this project)
              98 SVT E1 Contour; Silver Frost (sold, then quickly wrecked by new owner )
              06 2.5i Legacy Wagon; Satin White Pearl (sold)
              17 Mini Cooper S Clubman All4; Moonwalk Grey w/White (current)
              17 Cooper S Clubman ALL4
              86 SVO Mustang
              98 E1 SVT Contour #5834 (sold & deceased)


              • Short lister, also
                1995 Mystique
                2012 Lotus Evora
                2017 Lotus Evora 400
                2012 Lotus Evora