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Pictures of the Inside of a Transponder Key?

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  • Pictures of the Inside of a Transponder Key?


    I hope this counts as my second post, so I can go back and try to find the fellow who previously posted photos of the innards of a Transponder-Key.

    I have an old Mazda MPV with only one transponder key, & the dealer wants $270 for a second key, programmed. I'm planning to cut the key part off my only good key, and tape the chip-part to my steering column so I can use a plain key in the future.
    But before I cut my key up, I want to be POSITIVE that it won't disable the transponder somehow. Like, maybe the key acts as the antenna or something else which sounds equally unlikely until it's too late...
    I already tried using a "plain" ignition key while holding the Xponder key next to the ign switch, and if I hold it in the right spot it works fine. Neat-O-Matic!

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    My local locksmith cut and programmed a new transponder key for me for $40. Check your local locksmith before you cut stuff up!
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      The transponder itself is very easy to remove. Just pop the little door open on top of the key and slide it out. At least that is how you remove it on a contour.
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        these are what this chip looks like thats inside the key.

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          My local hardware (independent Do-it Best brand store) store has gotten into making keys also and guarantees they will work too. Under 100 (online at 70.00) but I havn't tried because I have a parts computer and keys if needed.


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