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Rear crossmember totally rusted out on 2000 Contour Sport Auto car

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  • Rear crossmember totally rusted out on 2000 Contour Sport Auto car

    So I don't know if this is supposed to go here or in the Discussion area. I just purchased a friend's 2000 Contour Sport automatic car with a totally rusted out rear crossmember. The car also has some rust in the rocker panels and dents on the driver's front & rear doors from a past sideswipe incident. The interior of the car is very nice and the car runs & drives fine. I am researching the procedure for removing & replacing the rear crossmember. I have looked at the new crossmembers available online as well as called around to several wrecking yards. I am guessing finding a good used on in a wrecking yard in the NE Ohio / Western PA area will be nearly impossible so I will probably have to end up doing the new bare corssmember.

    I am a fairly decent mechanic but I am wondering if there is any sort of write-up or step-by-step guide that anyone might have done for changing out the rear crossmember. What other parts should I plan on replacing on the rear suspension from a rusted car while it is out? I have looked at the rear strut mounts and they seem solid.

    Hints or advice always welcome.
    Steve in NE Ohio

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    Do a quick search, there are many threads on it and certain things to be aware of.
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