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Intermittent running issue/coil wiring

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  • Intermittent running issue/coil wiring

    Hello everbody. Hoping that somebody might be able to help.
    I have an intermittent issue with my 98 CSVT. It will sometimes die while running and not re-fire or will not start at all. I have fuel pressure but no spark at the plugs. Checked the plug for the coil pack and have power at both on and starting position at the PURPLE/BLACK wire. I have looked online for a wiring diagram to try to figure out if the other 3 wires are grounds or triggers but all the diagrams I have found online show 3 wires and not the 4 that I have.
    My plug has the following colors.


    ​Also, anybody else ever have an intermittent coil pack issue? I don't like to just replace parts so I am trying to confirm the wiring at the coil plug, thus the above question.

    ​Thanks in advance for the help and Merry Christmas!

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    Seeinjg as it's a 98. If you could confirm it's build date it's extremely likely the wiring harness insulation is failing.
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      Build date is August 97. I know that this failure is possible with this car but would like to confirm that it is a wiring issue and not a bad coil pack by getting a diagram. To this point I have had zero electrical issues and everything works on the car so I am hoping my good luck continues.


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        Oh yeah, it's a wiring harness. The coil pack is nearly bullet proof.

        Start peeling back the tape!
        '98 SVT E0 BLK/MNB#1663 Forged Ovalport 3L Supercharged


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          I would still like to see a wiring diagram so that I could determine where the coil pack plug wires terminate so that I can do a continuity test to confirm the wire. If anybody has a copy of the wiring diagram I would really appreciate it.


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            As this is my DD I need to try to fix ASAP. I sent a PM to SVTTOUR so hopefully he will have a freshened up harness available and I can swap that in.


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              the purple and black wire is the power and the other 3 wires are the coil trigger wires. 1/4 2/5 3/6. I replied to your pm
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                Ever get this fixed?

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                  wire harness
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