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Dash brake light always on.

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  • Dash brake light always on.

    Trying to figure out why this brake light stays on

    Had previously replaced all brakes and rotors due to another issue. And noticed before I replaced all brakes and rotors that the light would stay on. Now after new brakes and rotors, it's still on.

    When I lift the brake lever the light gets brighter. Then when I let it down it dims. But never goes off.

    ANY ideas

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    What year, and does it have ABS? The light has two or three different indications rolled into one. It can either be the parking brake or the brake fluid level with no ABS, or an ABS module indication if you have the unit. The ignition switch also lights the light when starting. These are all connections to ground, so find where something is going to chassis ground...
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      .... could be the switch under the lever .....G.
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        You did refill the brake master cylinder reservoir after working on the brakes, yes?
        The generic "Brake" lamp will be illuminated by either the parking brake being set or low fluid in the brake master cylinder reservoir.
        I took a look at the wiring diagrams (1999) and if there's an ABS fault, both the ABS light and the generic brake lamps should be lit.
        Pull the master cylinder reservoir cap and check the float, it has a magnet in it that triggers the "low fluid" warning switch to the dash "Brake" light, and I've seen this float get cocked sideways and stuck, which might give you a false low fluid warning. The float should be floating on top of the brake fluid, else-wise, it's not a float.
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          Will take a look into both th is weekend. Resovoir is not overly full and could use some fluid but I didn't feel it was low enough to warrant adding fluid. Meh......guess it can't hurt to add some but check this float thing first
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