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Throttle response???

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  • Throttle response???

    2000 Contour SVT. Not sure how to describe my issue. This is the only way I know. On newer cars, they have an electronic throttle body. My car acts like it has an electronic throttle body and it's losing all connection at times. It started out by missing for about a 1/4 of a mile one day. I say missing, but it's not really a miss. Just won't take throttle. Then, it would get me out of my driveway, go about 50 yards and die. Wouldn't start back, until it wanted to. Might take 5 minutes or might take 20 minutes. You never know. Still would cause problems at times, when driving it, but it was really sporadic. Might run like a top for 2 hours, then like you flip a switch, it would be so bad off, that you didn't know if you would make it another mile or not. One of the times, when it wouldn't start, I sprayed starter fluid in the throttle body and it fired up, revved up and died. Tells me that it's fuel related, unless that was a huge coincidence. New plugs, new fuel pump with both strainers, swapped throttle bodies with a parts car, unplugged TPS, disconnected many plugs under the hood and sprayed them. Nothing seems to help. A local shop mentioned the puello pump driver module. After seeing symptoms of one, I thought that had to be it. They let me drive the car with it for a few days, but it was the same way. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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    Obvious stuff to check are fuel pressure, missing wire insulation, plugged exhaust from defective catalytic converter, vacuum leaks etc.
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