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Battery grounds & that metal plate!!! Question about consolidation?

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  • Battery grounds & that metal plate!!! Question about consolidation?

    Hi guys-

    Over the weekend had to replace my battery and noticed the battery terminal connectors are pretty old. What are some of the types of terminal connectors that anyone here upgraded to or utilized? I also would like to know if its ok, to consolidate the 3 thin (14-16 gauge) ground wires that are connected to the triangular metal plate? What are some thoughts and maybe pics, if anyone can share with me. Would be great!!!

    Thanks Anthony

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    For later years all of the wires attach to the battery terminal itself, the plate is no longer used. So any aftermarket terminal that allows for the other wires to be conencted should work fine.
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      Thanks very much for your help!!!!


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        Here is mine. A bit hard to see (next to the custom intake I had to fabricate from scratch) but on each terminal are 2 large ring terminals that hold the wiring together. On the negative terminal I chose to replace the entire harness with one I had built, it is 2 large (0 gauge) cables for engine and body ground. Positive side are the 4 smaller wires to the BJB to the battery and the other one is the 0 gauge starter cable.

        The intake is my version of custom oem, The cone is what I chose to make (same size as OEM) and the MAF is stock, with the filter plate with the AIT sensor attached to it.