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Need help, 99 contour problems

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  • Need help, 99 contour problems

    My 1999 Ford contour,166000 miles has some problems, I hope y'all can help diagnose cuase one seems Abit serious, and if I can't fix it, I'm sending directly to the crusher. Problem #1 the car shifts rough and jerks forward into second gear, and sometimes will shift rough into 3rd gear sometimes. Hasn't slipped or dropped out of gear, or if it did I wouldn't notice it since my neon did, hard. If this helps, it is hard to put the car in drive or reverse, when put in reverse it will jerk, same with drive just not as violent. Just recently when i put my foot on the brake pedal before putting the car into gear it will make a strange clicking sound, once every time I press down on the petal. Then when putting the car into gear, pressing the button on the gear lever it would also click and the sound sounds like it travels to the driver door(probably my imagination) trans fluid is alittle low, don't know if the trans mount is broken or not, that's what im hoping it is. #2 cars speedometer moving at standstill, foot fully pressed on brake petal. and the car Idles wierd in park, in drive it idles fine, I believe, 700rpms, when in park it'd idle at 900rpms then drop down to 200rpms then back up to 1100rpms then settles to 800rpms. Hasn't done it constantly. #3 ac compressor pulley broken, is it possible to replace just the pulley, not the whole unit. Have the problems uploaded on YouTube, at the contour guy, not advertising, I could care less if someone watches it just a vid to show what's going on
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    yes you can get a belt that bypasses the ac compreesor. Have you swapped out the sensor on the trans? its cheap. start there. if that doesnt work. your trans is shot.
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      Haven't yet, might try. Possible that it's the trans mounts causing it? Looked under the car and j can see one broken


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        Shifting hard also can be the trans range switch.


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          The range switch is rebuildable, a simple resistor bridge. BTDT.

          Trans may be getting ready to come apart, the forward clutch rips off pieces of the outer edge of the cylinder to then grind them up because that cylinder rotates inside of like 4 others, The pieces then migrate to other clutch packs to seize them up and they then jerk in operation instead of move smoothly. Look on youtube for CD4E blowups, how most of these end up in the scrapyards if they are ATX. The trans had a serious defect.

          Could be a broken mount too.