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How to reset the ECU/PCM?

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  • How to reset the ECU/PCM?

    How do I reset the ECU/PCM?

    1999 Contour 2.0L 3

    I thought I read there are some fuses to disconnnect?


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    depending on the year there are different fuses to pull. it will be listed in your owners manual.

    of you can disconnect the battery for a few minutes.

    why do you need to reset the pcm? if its because of a CEL you are better off finding out what the code is and fixing the issue ...
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      The manual does not tell how to reset.


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        Just pull the negative battery cable off for 15mins
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          Originally posted by Myrosia View Post
          The manual does not tell how to reset.

          yes but it will tell you what fuse is for the PCM memory. pull that fuse and it will reset.

          again why are you trying to do this?
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          - 99 Contour SeVT <- 3L/NPG Turbo
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            todras knows. we did it at a gas station in carlisle
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              On some cars it's 4 and 11.
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                on others its 6 and 11

                still on another few its 9 and something..
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                  On a 96-99, it is fuse F11 ONLY. There is no need to putz with fuse F4 on any Contour to reset the PCM.

                  On the 2000, it is fuse F6.

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