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ABS & TCS light on + grinding???

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  • ABS & TCS light on + grinding???

    The other day i put my new fender on, put my new trunklid on and gave my SE a very good washing. Now sometimes after i wash it the ABS light comes on (very rarely) but goes out after a few miles of driving. But after i washed it yesterday i went to pull out of my driveway when i felt a strong growl and something stopped the car. I thought alright what did i run over? But got out to find nothing. I got back in the car and went to pull off again and the same thing happened plus the TC & ABS light started flashing back and forth. The ABS light would come on and the TC light would go out, then the TC light on , the ABS light off and so on... So after i few struggling pulls the car freed up and pulled off with both lights coming on all the way. Now i have these 2 lights on and dont know where to start looking for trouble areas.

    Now my wiring harness is rotted out but does not cause any driving issues since ive owned it. I have the new harness i just havnt put it on, because i dont want to tear it all down and something go wrong and i have no ride to work...

    Can anybody please help me??

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    My 96 SE only has ABS, but from years 2000 till 2006 whenever I washed the car my ABS light in the dash came on till things dried up. I put off getting the wiring harness recall done till I was almost at the 10 year /100000 limit because the wire insulation wasn't really too bad. I did once in 2000 get a quote from Ford to fix the ABS. They said it needed a HCU (hydraulic control unit) and wiring harness, cost $2700.00. I said no thanks and lived with the intermittent light.

    When I finally had the 99M03 recall done in 2006 the ABS light hasn't come on since.

    I guess it didn't really need a new HCU did it FORD?

    Long story short, replace your harnesses, probably everything will work fine again.