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Key won't turn to the start position

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  • Key won't turn to the start position

    It will turn to the on position and everything gets power but it won't turn further to crank the engine. I'm guessing a bad ignition cylinder. I found the how-to on removing it but is there anything else I should know or look into?

    I have started the car a couple times from a roll so its not like I just need to wiggle the steering wheel.

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    Check the rod that goes from the key to the ignition switch to make sure it hasn't popped out. Have you checked the starter?

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      Haven't checked the starter because the key won't turn far enough for the starter to engage. If this rod pops off would I still get power to everything when I turn it to the on/run position.


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        sounds like the ingnition cylinder went bad. happened to me. get a lock set with 2 keys and you will be able to program them to your PCM yourself.
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          I took the ignition cylinder to a lock smith and he was able to fix it.