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    Hey guys. My name's Patrick. I currently have a few projects sitting in my driveway, however, the reason I am here is to get a 98 CSVT up and running again.

    It was (technically still is) my moms car since brand new, and around 2009, it stopped running and hasn't run since. The last thing I did was some plugs at 98,000 miles, and while doing so I noticed that 98% of the wiring insulation was falling off.

    So here I am, and hopefully with some help I will fulfill my "promise" to my mom that the car will purr again. She practically gave the car to me, she was going to just give it away.

    Currently I am a technician at a Chevy dealer, (lots of recall work to keep us busy) and am pretty experienced with electrical, engines, and everything in between (except automatic transmissions lol).

    And no, I wouldn't ever own a Chevrolet. ;)

    I currently own a 2008 mazdaspeed3, a '87 Mazda Rx7 turbo (doing big turbo build), a 2003 Focus and my fiancé drives a 2007 Hyundai Sana Fe.

    My plan is to get the CSVT up and running and sell the mazdaspeed3.

    Did I mention I hate car payments?

    Thanks for reading!

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    Welcome patrick. Sounds like you just might've found ur problem. many contours are known for drying out and flaking electrical wires. Member 'svttour' sells replacements. What happened just prior to the car ceasing to run?
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      Welcome to the forum Patrick. It definitely sounds like a wiring harness issue. Can you remember any of her symptoms before she died. My 98 started just dying while driving.
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        Welcome to CEG post pics of the SVT when you can! lots of experience on this page so ask around and do some searching. Good Luck with project. keep us updated!
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          Welcome Patrick. Pm me for info on engine harnesses.
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            I believe the car started stalling while she was driving it to work, and when she got home it never ran again (sometime in 2009).

            I/we have rebuilt most of the harness, and in the past few weeks I have tried to see if would run, but it now keeps blowing the 20amp EEC cartridge fuse.

            I know it's something in the harness that we did work on (there are still a few wires that didn't get repaired) because it doesn't blow the fuse until I connect the harness by the L/F strut tower.

            I went and pulled all the engine harnesses out of a (forgot to look year up, but I believe it was a return fuel setup) mercury mystique automatic, but I'm stumped on how to modify it to work.

            I have the electrical/vacuum troubleshooting book (for a 1998/contour mystique), and some of the pins in the (new) harness don't exist in my book.

            I don't want to go too much further into it, since this is the 'welcome new members page', but at least now you guys have some background into the car.

            You don't want to see pics, it's been sitting and has mildew all over it :/ but it does only have 98,000 miles on it.


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              Show us pictures! Welcome to the site.
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                Hey guys, raising this post from the dead lol.

                I am looking to sell this car to someone who will use it for good, it does not run.

                I havenít posted in years, and I do not have access to the classified section.

                How can I get access to this?


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                  you could try to post it in your Regional group, they should have a classifieds in there. GLWS
                  00 CSVT #1363 Built 1/7/2000 Black/Tan 132k
                  99 Contour SE Bought 10-2003-Sold 04-2017
                  08 F150 Limited #357/5,000
                  93 Ford TBird 3.8, 98 Jeep G.C