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New guy taking over old project.

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  • New guy taking over old project.

    For those that remember PRT's RWD project, part of it will live on. I bought all the Duratec RWD conversion parts from him. I'm putting a 98 3.0L in a 73 Pinto, running on a 98 CSVT harness and ECM. Stock motor at first and boosted later.

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    73 pinto = awesome. Pics?
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      Not much of a looker yet.


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        Huh, I never thought of it but the Pinto and the Contour have more in common that we would all want to admit.
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          I guess the official progression is Pinto>Escort>Focus, but the Focus and Contour have shared parts so it's close enough. I'm a big fan of the Duratec V6 platform and it's power/weight/displacement ratios blow away the typical small block Ford, stock for stock.

          According to my calculations it should be roughly as fast as a late 90s Cobra, before I do any power adders.


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            I haven't seen a porthole Pinto wagon in some time, that one's in nice shape. The Mustang SVO/Thunderbird Turbo Coupe guys I hang out with at like to put Lima 2.3L SOHC turbo engines into Pintos, and the few I've ridden in are stupid fast. The nice thing about your project is the body is already a RWD platform, I'll be interested to see how you fab that Cobra IRS into it. You going to start a build thread?
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              I didn't see this post before. Sad to see it leave PRTs project list, but at least it is being used. Good luck.
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