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  • Not new member, but first post

    Long time lurker and owner of E0 for about a year. I'm finally ready to start really working on my csvt. It's far from perfect but hopefully soon it can get close :). When I bought the car it came with a box of parts that I will post a picture of as soon as I get one (may need some help to i.d. parts and possibly info on the car, if possible.) I cant wait to get to know and talk to ya'll and if the crick dont rise then make spring zing next year :)

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    Welcome to the site. Very cool you want to get to SZ next year. Great to see new members.
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      Welcome to the forum. I'm sure we can help figure out your box of parts.
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        Welcome to CEG!! Spring Zing's are a blast! Where ya from?
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          Thanks to you all for replying! I'm from northeast Indiana and I found my csvt in lower Michigan. For some reason I cant upload the parts photos on my phone so I'll try on my laptop tomorrow


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            Never mind! Somehow it let me do it this time so here are the pics. I know what some of these parts are but some I have no idea. Also what would I need to find more info on my specific csvt?


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                Welcome! Your car looks solid, but get those JPCs on there!

                Those parts are all valuable CSVT parts, keep 'em! With respect to the jack point covers (JPCs), you'll want to tether them onto the side skirts when you reinstall them. Or, others have put small screws on the back side of the JPC to anchor them into the skirt. You'll see those are expensive (~$20 per), so you don't want to lose them.

                The sunroof motor gear fails, so keep that replacement close. WHen the gear strips out, you can replace it with a new gear off of ebay.

                THe sunroof motor cover can be fragile, so store the replacements in bubble wrap so they don't get cracked. The screw tabs break off.

                THe ECU typically needs to match the unit in your car (SFG2) and they need the matching keys (2). E0s keys & rules can can be slightly different, I'm familiar with the E1 key/ECU rules.

                The throttle body is SVT specific (hence the svt sticker).

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                  Sorry for not responding earlier and thank you for helping me with all the parts. I'm working on lifting the back of the car onto a individual wheel lift (jackable tracks underneath each wheel, I'll send pics asap), but I cant the back of the car up enough to slide them under the back wheels. Any help would be appreciated. I may not get the pictures for a day or two, I'm negotiating on a 72 ironhead atm and hopefully will seal the deal tomorrow!


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                    Holy cow I forgot I said I was going to respond! I think I've figured out the jacking up problem, so no need for help on that. I've been working recently on a pre 98 console (should've looked more into this before I bit the bullet on ebay lol) and moving the radio to that console. The wiring is atrocious so that's my next step