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Eric the Car Guy Does 1998 Contour V6 Alternator

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  • Eric the Car Guy Does 1998 Contour V6 Alternator

    ETCG has a video on replacing the alternator for a V6 1998 contour. Doesn't look like fun.

    Mad Dog

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    What a cluster-f**k. My 99 SVT is on the original alternator, think when it goes I'll just push the car off a cliff.

    The Great Carnac will now predict what the next ETCG service call will be for this Contour:

    He broke open the power steering pressure line at the pump, it had already been wrapped in Teflon tape, which does not fix the internal O-ring leaks in these fittings, this means that fitting starts leaking PS fluid in 3... 2... 1...
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      That, and he should have performed the flickering light fix as well. Hope that was a new one, not a reman...
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        Ugh, you guys.... I need to make a video for you guys to show you that it is indeed not that bad...
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