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Awesome amber fog lights

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  • Awesome amber fog lights

    I bought the wrong part and decided to make it fit. (E-Bay: CREE LED 50W 9006 HB4 ORANGE AMBER TWO BULB HEAD LIGHT FOG JDM LOW BEAM REPLACE). If I had to do it over again I would go with the 80W version of the same bulb. (900 vs. 1100 lumens). The 80W will likely be slightly longer and will probably fit, but I cannot guarantee that.

    1. Remove lens assembly. Now is a good time to refinish the lens if they are milky or pitted.

    2. Using a jigsaw, cut/widen the opening right up to the sides. Makes for a near-perfect fit. Dump upside down and smack to shake out all of the plastic dust. Put in a few ounces of Isopropyl, put thumb over opening and shake. Pour out. Get a paper towel with more alcohol to get the last of the dust out. Try a test fit. Grind a bit more if necessary.

    ​3. Cut 1/2" off the LED plastic holder to expose the leads for soldering. The natural line on the fitting is perfect. I used a small hacksaw.

    ​4. Cut two 6" lengths of wire and strip ends about 3/8". Tin one side of each.

    ​5.Crimp the other side into a small (don't know the number) spade lug.

    6. Cut 2 pieces of heat shrink tubing 1/2" long. (Not absolutely necessary, but I like to do things right.) Slide heat shrink on wires and solder wires to lugs inside the LED holder. Let cool for a moment then pull down heat shrink and apply heat to shrink.

    ​7. Place lens face down and draw a bead of superglue around the rim and also around the base of the bulb. Let set up for a minute then press into the hole. Align the wires down and off side from the set screw. Put a small weight on top to get a firm seal. Let set for 15 minutes or so.

    ​8. Crush or hammer your old halogen light. Be sure to put in paper bag as they WILL EXPLODE. Peel off the wire leads with needle nose pliers. Press the spade lugs onto the terminals (they CANNOT be soldered to!) To be extra safe, wrap one or both with 1/2" * 1/2" of electric tape. Note that polarity is not important.

    9. Reinstall, realign, turn on and enjoy!

    Note: No throw codes, no heatsinks, no resistors or conversion kits are necessary. Also be aware that the beam, while bright, is not as focused as a stock halogen.

    I have photos if parts of these instructions are unclear, just don't have the time to upload right now.

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    ima subscribe I wanna see pics


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      I will if you really want me to. However, if I had to do it again, I would not. They are a royal pain to disassemble and put back together (Ford's design not mine).and are so diffuse as to be nearly impossible to align. I wrote the above post when halfway through and had the mock up working. Took forever to put back in with the bumper on. Removing the bumper seems like more work, but would make the access SO much easier!

      ​Seems the original setup are more driving lights (augmentation for normal driving) and these are more to be used as true fog lights. They do, however, look sharp!


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        id definitely like to see the finished look


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          1. Here is the stock fog light housing and the JDM fog light.. The round cylinder of the LED will not fit in the keyed hole.

          ​2. Here is the hole after being jig-sawed out. I used a very narrow blade designed for plastic and used the vertical inner wall as a natural guide.

          ​3. The JDM bulb after being hacksawed (about 1/2") to expose the inside leads.

          ​4. After soldering and heat-shrinking the leads the leads. Alternate is to used tiny spade lugs.

          ​5. Uncrimped spade lugs without wires after smashing original bulb and removing the brazed(?) wires.


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            1. Finished product after gluing and crimping wires and lugs.

            2. Voila! Natural amber with no filters.


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              Originally posted by Swami View Post
              1. Finished product after gluing and crimping wires and lugs.

              2. Voila! Natural amber with no filters.
              that's nice. I wish mine had fog lights


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                Just cut out 2 each 3.5" circles of yellow paper and glue them to your lower bumper.


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                  I don't want them for the look as much as for the function
                  & im out of yellow paper on top of that


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                    People don't use PIAA 510's anymore?
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