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The ONLY trunk lid strut removal How-To! Video inside.

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    I was finally at the point that the trunk wouldnt stay up and have been hit in the head too many times. Mine was one of those issues where you get it up, its balancing and you touch something in the trunk it will fall on your head....or back... or even worse the latch loop hits you in the back of the neck.

    I purchased Sach's pieces which have a lifetime warranty for a spoiler car (cheaper for some reason). With the help of the video and comments on here had them changed out at night in 20 minutes. Didnt realize how shot they were until the first use. Nice draw open slowing at the top, and nice firm close.

    Not sure if its mentioned but, the ball at the front is mounted opposite to the one on the trunk arm so the clip is facing to the inside rather then out. The driver side front is a little trickier due to the courtesy light switch. Here I used a small screw driver to easily work over the strut tower without the back of the other (longer) screw driver handle hitting the switch bracket.

    Thanks fuz and everyone for the comments
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      Crazy Canuck

      Hey Blue:
      thanks so much for your video on taking off trunk lifts...that u made few yrs ago
      at 2 am...i was trying to sqeeze my 62 yr old body..with a full snowmobile suit on cus its real cold
      into the trunk of my 99 merc mystique LS..
      The front clip was easy...the rear..a frickin nightmare
      finally pulled off some trim inside the back seat and stuck my screwdriver thru one of the factory
      slots....was gettin so desperate...was gonna take out the sawzall and make my own access hole...LOL
      Anyway your vid was such a great help....


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        Very cool guys . Even with how easy it seemed to be in the video, there are some Contours that I still had a hell of a time getting that rear clip off. Good luck!
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          What happened to the video in this thread?


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            I have no issues watching the video. (Chrome on win7)
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