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How-to: Short Shifter Install

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    Originally posted by muntus View Post
    I just noticed that I dropped the washer without knowing it, finding it later in the carpet. Can anyone tell me where to put the washer?

    "Next to the dryer" is not the answer I'm looking for.;)
    behind the c-clip
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      Thanks x10.
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        Thanks for the good write-up.
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          2000 csvt cfm short throw shifter installing

          while i was doing research on how to install my cfm shifter into my 2000 csvt, i cam across a hand full of threads that contained detailed info regarding this install.

          1. csvt#49's thread
          2. kingppinsvt's thread
          3. striker2's cfm install thread

          however, none that i found was specific to the 2000 csvt. afaik, the 2000 sts install required the riser plate. i bought the cfm shifter complete with riser place, new bolts and even 2 allen keys and a torx bit! kudos to the cfm team for offering such a thoughtful and complete kit!

          when i took apart my center console, i was kinda unsure exactly what i was looking at because the shifter tower before me does not look like those i have seen on those previous sts installation threads... i did some more researching and found this on the NECO. then it became clear that my 2000 csvt came equipped with the updated focus shifter tower that does not require the use of the riser plate! which sorta contradicts what i've learned up to that point... regardless, i was pleased at the find non the less.

          i would like to point out that dislocating the bottom cable is easier than using a flat head to pop it out. simple press the center of the cup like a button and the ball will pop right out! lastly there are much debate on whether the shifter cables will need to be adjusted. i was thinking that a "how to" adjust the cable link would have been a great final touch should you decide to perform the adjustment. The procedure is in this thread under striker2 and brapple's posts.

          over all, the shifts for my car feels much more solid and much less play. you can definitely tell the shifts are shorter as i need to get used to this new decreased shift length. construction of the cfm kit is top notch and thoughtful. i do kinda miss the reverse lock out feature of the old shifter... the reverse lock out gave the car a "euro" feel.