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How to clear third brake light cover

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  • How to clear third brake light cover

    This is a detailed write up on how to replace your cracked/weathered or basically old red third brake light with a new stylish smoked, clear, or red new piece..

    Materials needed

    1) Phillips head screw driver (if you choose to paint entire housing)
    2) Electrical tape
    3) Dremel with cut off wheels and sanding attachments
    4) Sharpie
    5) Florescent light cover ( you need the wrap around one as it is thicker, NOT the drop ceiling kind)
    ^^^can be found at Home Depot or Lowes 12-13 dollars

    Total time est 1-3hrs depending on your skills.

    Step one
    Unhook third brake light power in trunk area.

    Step two
    Gently push left and right tabs in and slide the rear trim piece from the front trim piece holding the brake light assembly on (Note, I chose to remove the whole assembly to re paint it. To do this there are two phillips head screws holding the entire brake light assembly in on the bottom of the rear seat deck carpet..

    Step three
    Gently pull out the lighting assembly to get to the factory red plastic cover.

    Step four
    Remove red plastic cover and place it on th inside of the florescent light cover. Trace out the mold with a Sharpie.

    Step five
    Dremel time, Begin to cut out your traced mold with a dremel using the cutoff wheel attachment.

    Step six
    After you mold is cut pretty much to scale, lay it on top of the original red light cover and tape them firmly together..

    Step seven
    With the sanding attachment on the Dremel begin to sand the new plastic piece to scale with the original red one..

    Step eight
    Install your new and improved light cover from steps 1-4 in reverse order

    Step nine
    Enjoy your new cover

    You can also make a smoked cover by using a light coat of taillight tint..
    You can also make a red cover by using red spray tint..

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    needs red led's, but that came out pretty nice!
    Originally posted by Pole120;n1796545
    Find the weak link, make it stronger, find the next one, repeat....


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      Really nice. Thanks for the info.


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        Looks nice. I'm going to do this on mine but blacking it out. Thanks for the write up
        1998 Blacked out Se-vt - Totaled
        2003 White Mustang - Stock, New project :o


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          Since this isnt mandatory equipment, would it actually have to be red or amber?