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Fixing difficult to open doors.

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  • Fixing difficult to open doors.

    My car finally started having difficulty opening both front doors much like several folks have experienced already. Read through the posts and dug into the car to find out the source of the problem. Only one post was correct. The white plastic clip that holds the rod that connects the door handle to the latch is the problem. It wears out and increases the travel required to operate the latch.

    Two ways to fix, one cheap, which I like and one that is not cheap ($22 each door) but will likely last the life of the car. Both ways are the same amount of work.

    1. Remove the door panel, you can leave the speaker in place.
    2. Pull back the foam liner to expose the latch.
    3. Remove the 3 screws holding the latch in, may need an impact screwdriver for this.
    4. Remove the 2 screws holding the exterior door handle. If you live in the rust belt these might be rusted and may break off.
    5. Pull the door handle and latch mechanism out through the inside of the door.
    6. This shows the white clip while still in the car 693453dad307a04b7763ba3ea3d8ea06.jpg
    7. This shows the white clip when the door handle and latch mechanism is removed from the car 55232b35e62968f3f46508eda667777a.jpg
    8. Now for the cheap method. Remove the clip, rotate 180 degrees and replace, this puts the unworn section into play. Reinstall and enjoy
    9. The expensive way is to replace this clip (W702246-5300 about $22 each!!), btw this number has been superceded. fb785904ae70f147e75e40af356b9199.pdf
    Reinstall and enjoy

    Contours are transportation, good transportation but just transportation at the end of the day.

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    There may be a much cheaper clip out there.

    While browsing one day, I saw a link about the link that connects the secondary throttles front and back together and someone recommened buying a clip assortment. They showed a clip assortment from Advance auto. One of the clips looks exactly like the clip that ford wants $20 + for. Worth checking out.

    Contours are transportation, good transportation but just transportation at the end of the day.


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      Unfortunately, that clip in that pack won't work, it doesn't have the slot in the center or the wings/tabs on the back side to lock it in, I tried. I also found the updated part number, 6S4Z-65219A24-A, and from what I found it is used on the Focus (08 was the one I saw), so this means it will be around for a while, and could be pulled from a newer car in the junkyard (for the low low price of...FREE!) that hasn't been worn and broken down yet...
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        Very nice write-up!! Thank you.