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    Welcome to the How-To forums. This section contains how-to files for performing maintenance procedures and aesthetic modifications.
    A large collection of files is located in this thread. You can also search within this forum by tag or thread contents.
    If you don't find a how-to in the stickies that you would like to see, please offer suggestions in this thread.

    !! If you have a question about a modification, start a new thread in the respective forum.
    !! Example: If you have a question about how-to optimize your throttle body, post that question in the Duratec Performance forum.

    When writing a how-to, please observe these guidelines:
    1. Keep it understandable. Make sure all steps are included, even mundane details. (For example, disconnecting the battery before working on electrical.)
    2. Keep it concise.
    3. Be accurate. If you don't KNOW it, don't say it. State all opinions or guesses as such.
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