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  1. You must be registered for 60 days to post in the classifieds. This isn't anything that a moderator or Administrator can over-ride, so don't bother asking.
    NOTE: The forum has been having problems allowing certain users to post once they reach 60 days. If you can't post, try clearing your cookies. If that doesn't work, PM one of the classifieds mods.
  2. Classified ads need to include a price, location, and need to be actual FS or WTB ads, not "feelers." If you do not have a proper (i.e. city and state) location in your profile, you must add it to every classifieds post you make.
  3. You must notify a mod, either through a post or PM, if your item is sold/found so we may lock the thread. This helps everyone know what items are no longer available. A thread will be locked only by request of the original poster.
  4. You may post eBay auctions or Craigslist ads only if they are YOURS. Include the list price, location, etc. Posting just a link to the auction will be deleted.
  5. Please keep non-Contour parts in the "Misc" section.
  6. Anything "wanted to buy" MUST be labeled with "WTB".
  7. If you have multiple items for sale, please divide them up in the correct forums.
  8. If you see a problem with a post or person, notify a mod either through the "notify mod" button or send a quick PM.
Unless noted, rule violations will receive a warning the first time and an infraction subsequent times.
  1. Do not cross post your item in multiple areas. Cross posts will be deleted and the user will receive an infraction.
  2. Do not post non-relevant posts in someone's thread. We have received many complaints about clutter in the classifieds. If you want to "chat" about an item, take it to PM's.
    EXAMPLES: If I were closer, I'd buy it; GLWS; If you decide to ship it, I want it; If you decide to part it, let me know; I've seen this car in person...etc.
    Replies can include: Will this fit my SE?; Is that a broken tab?; How many miles?. Legitimate questions! The seller may answer those questions.
  3. After an agreement has been made, all shipping talk should be via PM. You may put shipping options in the original post.
  4. Do not post negative comments about an item. If somebody wants $20k from a Contour, let them try.
  5. Bumping. After two weeks (14 days), you may post "Bump" to bump your item back to the top. If you bump before the two week period, the bump will be deleted, and you will get a warning. Do it a second time, your thread will be deleted and you will get an infraction. Information updates, price changes, etc. are allowed.
    Updates/price changes DO NOT include: "still have this", "Price is the same, not lowering it".
    Updates/Price changes include: I dropped the headlight and it now has a broken tab. If you have multiple items, for example: 4 IMRC covers... you may post that you now have 3 left. *Price dropped from $125. to $100.
Threads that do not follow all the above rules will be deleted. If your thread is deleted, do not start another one unless you include the required information and are willing to adhere to the rules.
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Lots of Parts for Sale!!

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  • Lots of Parts for Sale!!

    Hello, I have had a bunch of 1998-2000 Contour SVT parts sitting around for a while and want to get rid of it all. Some of the stuff wasn't completely covered so might have been weathered from the elements a bit, but many parts are still usable or can be rebuilt. I don't really have the time right now to ship parts individually and would rather just sell all of this as one sale, so if you have the space to take all of this, or a good chunk I will take a reasonable offer. If you are local and need a single item if/before I sell the lot we can work something out. What you see in the pictures are what you get, and I cannot guarantee that anything works but is being sold as is. So make me a reasonable offer and take all this stuff for your own collection, as these parts are getting harder to find! This is located in south Austin, Texas. $400 can take all the parts home or make a reasonable offer.
    1998 3L SVT Contour Built #2989 of #6535 Totalled and sold for pieces
    2000 BMW M5-Stock at the moment
    2000 SVT Contour Blk-SOLD (To brother so still in family)
    1998 SVT Contour Blk-stripped and sold- still got some peices.

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    You need to post a location and prices. You are able to post the price and then say make an offer, but a price needs to be listed.

    00 Black Ebony SVT ~ #1412

    17 Ford Explorer Limited: Magnetic Gray: - Build date: 27 October 2016

    98 Silver Frost SVT ~ #2059. SOLD 3 March 2004 - 18 June 2012


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      Thanks for the heads up!
      1998 3L SVT Contour Built #2989 of #6535 Totalled and sold for pieces
      2000 BMW M5-Stock at the moment
      2000 SVT Contour Blk-SOLD (To brother so still in family)
      1998 SVT Contour Blk-stripped and sold- still got some peices.