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    EXAMPLES: If I were closer, I'd buy it; GLWS; If you decide to ship it, I want it; If you decide to part it, let me know; I've seen this car in person...etc.
    Replies can include: Will this fit my SE?; Is that a broken tab?; How many miles?. Legitimate questions! The seller may answer those questions.
  3. After an agreement has been made, all shipping talk should be via PM. You may put shipping options in the original post.
  4. Do not post negative comments about an item. If somebody wants $20k from a Contour, let them try.
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    Updates/price changes DO NOT include: "still have this", "Price is the same, not lowering it".
    Updates/Price changes include: I dropped the headlight and it now has a broken tab. If you have multiple items, for example: 4 IMRC covers... you may post that you now have 3 left. *Price dropped from $125. to $100.
Threads that do not follow all the above rules will be deleted. If your thread is deleted, do not start another one unless you include the required information and are willing to adhere to the rules.
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2000 SVT Contour For Sale

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  • FS: For Sale 2000 SVT Contour For Sale

    2000 Ford Contour SVT
    Ebony Black Exterior
    Midnight Blue Interior
    97,XXX miles
    Spoiler & moonroof

    Vehicle is in GREAT mechanical condition. Has new tires (225-50-16 Dunlop Instict Fierce VR - amazing handling!)and brakes (ceramic pads and cross drilled rotors). New control arms, fuel filter, subframe bolts. BAT euro suspension was installed about 6-7k miles ago with new mounts. All other maintenenace is up to date and always used motorcraft synthetic blend oil since i've owned it. My maintenenace records and the previous owner's records are all here. Other things have been replaced that arent coming to mind at the moment!

    Interior is 9 out of 10, the dash is in great shape (especially for a post 98 contour), leather is in amazing shape. The driver's floor mat is a little worn. The shift knob is the Ford Focus ST red stitching shift knob with compliments the red painted calipers.

    Exterior is 7 out of 10, there is some spidering of the paint, usual bumper scratches, hood chips, dings etc. Waxed up though she still shines. The headlights are clear and look new. I have an 8000K hid Kit installed.

    The car has headers and a high flow y-pipe, once in a great great while the CEL will pop on due to the O2 simulators, no codes have ever been thrown other than that and it's happened literally a couple of times in the few years i've owned the vehicle. Will pass the smog test no problem! Passed twice for our e-check here in cleveland.

    The car is an absolute blast to drive! The Transmission doesn't grind at all and the clutch enguages smoothly.

    Literally you take the vehicle and drive it without needing to fix it up. I would personally drive the vehicle across the country without reservation.

    **only thing it needs is the power antenna got damaged while washing it, and the e-brake pulls all the way up before it grabs (but i installed new parking brake cables all the way from the fron to back and it is better) That is the only known issue

    I have a Sony high end CD player and two rockford fosgate subs hooked up.. Will leave with the vehicle for an extra 200 bucks. Sounds Awesome!
    If not, the stock cd player will be reinstalled.

    Asking 5,000 OBO - 5,200 with the stereo - no lowball offers, scams, trades etc. I don't have to sell it, I have 3 cars and am looking for my next toy (2004 VW R32 Blue w/navi under 60kmiles)

    I also have two pre98 se decklids and a pre 98 center console for sale too (the console is the lighter blue but can really tell a difference, the armrest is the black leather armrest that came in the cougar)
    2000 Black/MNB SVT Contour
    1995 Moonlight Blue/Gray Taurus SHO 5MT
    2001 SF/Gray Windstar SE Sport