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    He had guages for sale April 2013.
    I wanted the wideband O2 guage
    Mailed a check for them
    No parts ever arrived.
    Checked and never hear back from him since.
    Now driving around in ronssvt's old car Sold on 8/5/2014

    Now own a diesel Jeep Liberty for family trips and so daughter can borrow an automatic car.

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    Contacted through text and made a deal to buy a set of SVT Lite from him. I paid through PayPal immediately. Tried to contact him after a week. Only 1 text reply, and nothing more. Paid for almost 3 weeks and nothing sent out. Luckily, went through PayPal and got my refund. mFactory LSD group buyers, beware.


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      Went in for the group buy on the MFactory Diff's, I DID receive my diff, but it certainly took WAY longer than original expected. Hard to stay in contact. DID provide information when asked just hard to stay in contact with. He was very straight up with me, when I was able to contact him, and when there is a lot of money involved people get antsy.
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