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Arizona crossmembers are AMAZING

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  • Arizona crossmembers are AMAZING

    So some may recall my post about the really bad crossmember in my friend's 2000 Contour Sport

    I tried looking for a replacement crossmember in wrecking yards local to me here in NE Ohio or NW Penn. but all the ones I found were no good. So finally I started a new search in Arizona. I found a yard in Tucson that said they had a good one and the price was decent so I told them to send it. It arrived the other day and I was totally blown away by how good it was. The bolts still have cad plating on them. See pictures below.
    So I got the old rear crossmember out of my friend's 2000 Contour Sport SE. Here are some photos that show how badly rusted this piece was. There is more rust

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    Another photo


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      That's why we live out here. When I was junkyarding in my younger days, I'd trip to yards in Arizona and New Mexico, you'd find cars with the paint sandblasted to bare metal, frosted window glass from the blowing sand, interior plastics burned to powder by the sun, but metal bits looked like they came off the showroom floor.
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