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  • Rear subframe question

    Well, after 20 years on the road my rear swaybar bushing mount finally broke on my 98 SVT. Being in Nor-Cal I should be able to find a decent donor at pick-n-pull as long as they are not too model specific. Which leads to my question.... Is there any differences in the rear subframes between the models or will any 98-2000 model of Contour work?

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    F5RZ-5035-B rear subframe is compatible with all Contour and Mystique from 1995 through 2000, Mercury Cougar from 1999 to 2002 is also compatible. You should be able to find a good donor from that list, and last I looked, a seller on eBay had brand new rear subframes for $200 shipped, that might be worth not crawling under a donor car.
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      Thank you for the info. I really appreciate the thorough explanation of the options.