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  • Anyone around anymore?

    Just wondering if anyone is still checking in here. Just took the car out for the first time in a few years. The inspection sticker is from 2011!!
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    I am still around. I check the forums at least once a day.

    First time in a few years? I am not even that bad, and I am getting pretty bad about not driving either car.
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      I'm still around, not that many people know me. I just got mine repainted, a new CPU, going to be getting it dyno-tuned (again) soon. I was without mine for 6 months while it was having work done, then repainted, etc. When I got it back I was starting to wonder why I still had it and putting money into it. Then I drove it for 10 minutes and was reminded. I've been driving it every day since, and I absolutely love it.
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        I pull the site up almost every day but seldom post. Kind of like my car, look at it daily but it never gets taken out. lol
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          Always lurking around.
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            Drive ur SVT more... grr!!! 2011 :( smh
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              Hey Mike nice to here from you. I check in here and post on occasion. The contour has been out of storage about a month or so. Just did ebc rotors and green stuff pads and bat struts, the stock ones finally wore out. I have been driving it more and more minus bad weather but i don't want to look at it i want to drive it :). How things with you ? Not too many original owners left . I have fond memories of CEG in It's prime.
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                Glad you got it out again, I had been wondering :)

                I poke in once in a while, but it's rare these days. A few times a month, if that. I've been busy with a bunch of activities outside of driving. The SVT has been parked since October. I did take it out for a 5-minute drive a couple of weeks ago.

                I've been mulling over the idea of selling it for a while now. You may remember in 2009 I had tripped over 100k on the way home from SZ ... well, it only has 111k since then! For last year's inspection sticker I had driven it just 800 miles. Andy at Holt's chuckled when he saw the odometer.
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                  So does anyone actually want to get together for old time sake?
                  - 12 Focus SE
                  - 99 Contour SeVT <- 3L/NPG Turbo
                  - 2k Contour SVT - #2137