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    Just registered to run the track on Saturday, plus the banquet and car show (described as Package A1 on the main post). I saw that 2 other SVT Contours also signed up, tigerbalm (Jason) and superob (Robbie), both in the "Green" Novice group. I signed up for "Orange" Intermediate group, though I may prefer the pace of the Novice group.
    Who else is doing the track day with us?
    Bob Johann
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      Just reserving room now. Having issues with the event registration not having a Ford product. Not sure which site to use.

      Managed to get it set up with some lies in a couple of fields, but the full car profile seems to override their fields, so they should be able to see.
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        Sorry for the late reply, haven't logged in since I posted.

        I'm working a construction job south of Greenville, SC for a few more months. Originally from the Great Lakes groups, but the SVTs are sitting down at my place in AL.
        - Dan
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