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Thread: evap canister purge valve location

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    Default evap canister purge valve location

    1996 SE 2.5 MTX. Does anybody know where the evap canister purge valve is? More specifically, the connector (C120)? My Ford service manual says that it is located on the lower passenger side shock tower. Maybe my eyes are going, but I tried finding it for at least an hour today, locking from above and below the car. I cannot even find the purge valve itself, following the fuel line around from under the car around the rear of the engine. Again, this is supposedly in the same general area.

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    Autozonelink. http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us...rInfoPages.htm

    Click on Figure 2, V6 picture. No. 2 on the V6 picture is the test port for 1998 models and newer. The 1996 does not have a test port but the EVAP canister is a round disc-like part (about 3 inch diameter) attached to the firewall. Look down at that area and your should see it.

    Edit. Good picture here.
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    The Ford service manuals have some SERIOUS issues in this section then. The purge valve looks completely different in the picture, and is in a different location.

    The manual shows a cylindrical object inline with the fuel line that has nipples sticking from the sides 180 deg apart from each other. It shows it with a long pigtail (the connector in mine plugs directly into the valve). It says it is located on the passenger side shock tower and has a 3 pin connector instead of two. Also, mine appears to be bolted to the firewall, where the manual says there is no attaching hardware.
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    Maybe they (we) were talking about something else.

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    or maybe it is describing a Mondeo, as they did for a majority of the haynes manual (if that is what you are using..)
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    That's it! The Ford manual has the exact same picture of the purge valge as figure 3 of the AutoZone linked page. 3 wire pigtail too. The manual also gives the same removal procedure as in the autozone link...

    Canister Purge Valve/Vapor Management Valve
    1995-97 MODELS
    1. Raise and support the vehicle.
    2. Disconnect the electrical harness from the valve.
    3. Disconnect the fuel vapor hoses and remove the valve.
    4. Installation is the reverse of removal.
    According to the autozone link, my car appears to have the 1998-1999 system, as removal of the coils is necessary to gain access to the purge valve, but my car is a '96. Weird.
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    '95 SE 2.5 ATX (wife's) - for sale
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